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Schedule: CNRCWP Science meeting 2014

Thursday, May 29
Chair: René Laprise (morning sessions) / John Scinocca (afternoon sessions)
08:45 Registration (location: PK-1140)
09:00 Laxmi Sushama Introduction
09:15 Sarah Overington (NSERC) NSERC-CCAR Program
09:30 (A1) John Gyakum Modulation of extreme warm-season precipitation by the Saint Lawrence River Valley
09:50 (A1) John Gyakum/PDF Moist baroclinic growth rates, and extratropical transitions as they impact southern Quebec
10:10 (A2) Mélissa Cholette Implications of model resolution on the production of freezing rain
10:30 Health break
10:45 (A3) Jean-Philippe Baudouin Blocking events and relationships with storm track variability and cold or warm spells across Canada: results using CORDEX-NA runs (i.e. from CanRCM4 and CRCM5 simulations)
11:05 Richard Grotjahn LSMPs identifier and assessment tool for extreme weather
11:35 (CORE) John Scinocca CanRCM4: Coordinated Global and Regional Climate Modelling
11:55 (A3) Emilia Paula Diaconescu CCCma-CanRCM4, OURANOS-CRCM4 and UQAM-CRCM5 simulations over North America: evaluation of daily precipitation
12:15 Lunch and poster session (location: PK-1140)
13:40 Jens Christensen Estimating and understanding recent changes in the energy and freshwater budget for Godthåbsfjord catchment with a 5 km regional climate model
14:10 (B1) Francis Zwiers Attribution of the causes of extreme events (using both standard detection and attribution methods and “event attribution” methods) and why, particularly for precipitation, it is still very hard to do this on regional scales.
14:30 (B1) Xuebin Zhang Changes in PMP based on RCM simulations
14:50 (B1) Kiri Whan Analysis of extremes in regional models
15:10 (C2) Gulilat Tefera Diro Land-Atmosphere coupling in CRCM5 and its impact on selected extremes
15:30 Health break
15:40 (C1) Yanping He Simulating Diurnal Variations of Boundary Layer Winds, Temperature, and Humidity using the New Diagnosed Turbulence Parametrization Scheme in CAM-SCM
16:00 (Core) Oumarou Nikiéma Energy cycle associated with Inter-member Variability in a large ensemble of simulations of the Canadian RCM (CRCM5)
16:20 Co-investigators meeting (location: PK-6120)
Friday, May 30
Chair: Diana Verseghy (morning sessions) / Shawn Marshall (afternoon sessions)
09:00 (C2) Stephen Déry Improving snow modeling in the CRCM5: Strategies moving forward
09:20 (C3) Shawn Marshall Subgrid modelling of mountain glaciers in RCMs'
09:40 (C3) Katja Winger On the implementation of dynamic glaciers in CRCM5
10:00 Bill Gutowski Observed and Simulated Extreme Precipitation in the North American Arctic
10:30 Health break
10:45 Eleanor Blyth Using a land surface model to explore the interplay of water, energy and carbon in the Arctic
11:15 (C4) Vivek Arora Implementing competition between plant functional types in the Canadian Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (CTEM).
11:35 (C4) Rudra Shrestha Testing the parameterization for competition between plant functional types (PFTs) in CTEM at selected North American locations.
11:55 Lunch and poster session (location: PK-1140)
13:40 (C4) Camille Garnaud Impact of dynamic vegetation on CRCM5 simulated climate over North America
14:00 (C5) Claude Duguay Satellite observations of surface state of the Laurentian and Mackenzie Great Lakes
14:20 (C5) Oleksandr (Sasha) Huziy Lakes and rivers in CRCM5 and 3D simulations of The Great Lakes
14:40 (C6) Laxmi Sushama State of near-surface permafrost and its impact on surface climate
15:00 (C7) Gulilat Tefera Diro L-A coupling in the present and future climates from multi-scenario and multi-GCM driven CRCM5 simulations
15:20 Anne Frigon Ouranos' research needs and how the Network could help
15:40 SAB meeting (location: PK-6120)