CORE Group

Research Projects

The CORE group is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Liaison between co-investigators at the various participating institutions (UQAM, EC-CCCma, EC-CPS (Climate Processes Section), EC-RPN, EC-CDAS/AIRS (Climate Data Analysis Section/Adaptation and Impacts Research Section), Ouranos, PCIC);
  2. Integrating individual project results (knowledge and software) and transfer of technology (software and data) between government labs and UQAM;
  3. Performing selected long climate simulations, archival and distribution of results;
  4. Providing technical support to...

The Network research programme relies heavily on climate model simulations and analyses of observations. These activities involve the use of several pieces of complex software and handling of very large volume of data, both simulated and observed. The success of the envisioned research relies on good communication between the various projects and individuals involved in the proposal, in order to share tools and results effectively and in a timely fashion. The CORE group is the nexus responsible for integration across the Network and for technology transfer between the Network and the EC Sections involved in the proposal.